What’s more important to Jerry? Winning on or off the field?

America’s .500 Team was on full display Monday night as owner Jerry Jones proudly announced a partnership with a Swiss watchmaker. Head coach Jason Garrett and several marquee players were on hand to model the watches.

And just to drive home the point, Jones explained where the Cowboys stand in the NFL. Forget about wins and losses. Jerry has something else in mind.

"We’re the glitz and glamour of the NFL," Jones said. "Tex Schramm told me, ‘Let Houston down there at the time, let them have the checkered table clothes and saw-dust floors. Cowboys do not mean getting on a horse and riding. They mean the glitz and glamour of Dallas.’ That’s what we want to be. And obviously we want to show how to kick their you-know-what with glitz and glamour."

Garrett reportedly flashed that familiar thin smile as Jones delivered his message. He would like to separate himself from his boss’ proclamations, but that’s impossible. 

Jerry’s quotes only confirm what so many of us already believe. What happens on the field will never come first. He tries to strike a balance, but he ends up undermining his own efforts. Garrett responded to Jerry’s comments Tuesday.

"Maybe that’s a reference to the organization and the history and the deal that they made with Hublot, a watch maker from Switzerland," Garrett said. "Certainly our football team is based on having the right kind of guys who love to play football and go out there and work hard each and every day and try to have the kind of demeanor, attitude, body language of a tough-minded football team. That’s what we’re trying to build here. 

"Business decisions are different than what we’re trying to accomplish with our football team."

But there’s not really much of a difference. Win or lose, Jerry believes The Show must go on. In his mind, the spectacle of the Cowboys continues with or without substance.