Warren Moon not sold on Johnny Manziel thriving in NFL

Warren Moon and Johnny Manziel


People have never been shy about giving their opinions on Johnny Manziel.

Former NFL quarterback Warren Moon is the latest to give his two cents.

While Johnny Manziel may be an exciting playmaker, he’ll need to make some adjustments to thrive in the NFL, according to the Hall of Famer.

In an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio, Moon had some compliments for the Heisman winner, but was hesitant to give him a complete vote of confidence.

"Well, he’s one of the most exciting players to play college football, no question about it," he said. "He’s a risk taker, and he gets away with a lot of those things."

But there are elements to Manziel’s game that may not fly in the NFL, including being physical and running outside of the pocket.

"I just think in the NFL, some of those things, he’s going to have to take out of his game," he continued. "He just won’t be able to get away with some of those things that he did in college football, especially taking on people, being as physical as he likes to play the game. I don’t think you can do that in the NFL or you won’t be available for your football team.

"So if he changes a lot of those things out of his game, those are the things that made him special. Now all of a sudden he becomes a pocket passer. Can he do that on a consistent basis? That’s something I’m really not comfortable with right now. I’d have to see him do a little bit more of that.

"But no question about it, he’s an exciting football player that brings some very exciting athleticism to the position."

And while Moon praised Manziel’s pre-draft preparation, he doesn’t think the "magic" of Manziel would translate to the NFL, especially considering the talent he will be competing against.

"He’s doing all the things right to move himself up in the draft, but still, what makes Johnny Manziel ‘€˜Johnny’ is those special, magical plays that he makes, and I just don’t know if there’s going to be as many of those when you’re playing against the talent that he’s playing against in the NFL," Moon said.

Opinions aside, somebody will take a chance on Manziel. We’ll have to wait until May 8 to see if the Texans nab in the top spot.

(H/T Pro Football Talk)