Vince Young tweets he is ‘ready to go’ for Houston

The Texans are in trouble after losing their fourth-straight game to the Rams on Sunday.

To make matters worse, Houston lost its struggling quarterback Matt Schaub to an ankle injury.

So could hometown hero, and current free agent quarterback Vince Young be on his way to the rescue?

On Twitter during the game, the former Texas Longhorn sent a shout out to his home NFL team saying he is “in shape and ready to go.”

But will Houston want to sign him?

Odds are no, but if Schaub’s injury leaves the quarterback sidelined for a significant amount of time and backup T.J. Yates struggles, Young might want to stay close to the phone.

The Texans of course could have had Young when they had the No. 1 pick in the 2006 NFL draft, but instead opted for star defensive end Mario Williams at the time, and the Tennessee Titans instead took him with the third overall pick.