UPDATE: Fan covers Texans tattoo with Cowboys one

UPDATE: 12:30 CST 10/29/13

The owner of the tattoo contacted FOX Sports Southwest to give us the full story. It turns out the ink belongs to Mark Martinez of Georgetown, Texas, a die-hard Cowboys fan.

The story goes a couple seasons back, he lost a bet with a friend and had to sport the original Texans’ logo for a full season. Earlier in the month, he finally got the chance to cover it up. This photo was taken during a smoke break before the new tattoo was finished.

But one thing Martinez wants to make clear, he is not a bandwagon fan.

“I have and always will be a Cowboys fan,” he wrote.

He sent us a photo of the completed tattoo, which we must say is pretty nice! He also sent in his car to prove his complete commitment to the Cowboys.

As for what drove him to make the bet with his friend, here’s what he had to say:

“Every year a great friend of mine who happens to be a huge Texans fan have a bet that usually involves money on who will have a better season.  I had won three years in a row and then we were drinking one night and decided to up the anti, and the bet was the loser had to get the others’ team logo tattooed on their body somewhere.  It had to be kept for a year and then be covered up.  That is exactly what I did.  I am a man of my word as my word is all I have.  I know it sounds like a dumb bet and being that I lost, yes it was not a great decision on my part.  This year our bet is still on for whoever has the better season.  This time the loser has to buy tickets to the winning team’s home game next year and wear that team’s jersey to the game.  We try to make it fun!”


Photos courtesy Mark Martinez

The Texans just can’t catch a break this season.

The same day coach Gary Kubiak announced he was starting third-string quarterback Case Keenum in Sunday’s game against the Colts, an image of a former fan’s public decommitment from Houston went viral.

Two weeks ago, San Marcos tattoo parlor Electric Empire posted an image on Instagram of this cover-up. Apparently, a fan had gone in asking to cover the Texans’ logo with a larger image of the Dallas Cowboys’ star and helmet.

Unfortunately, the Texans’ logo is still visible.

No word on what drove the fan to making the ultimate switch, but it could possibly have something to do with the Texans’ 2-5 start, though the Cowboys’ 4-4 record isn’t all that much better. But, hey, at least they are in first place of the NFC East.

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