Troy Aikman agrees with Jerry Jones’ ‘BS’ comments

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones took to the airwaves on Dallas sports radio Tuesday to clarify his comments on backup quarterback Brandon Weeden saying the four-year pro is "a thing of beauty throwing the football" and that fans "won’t see a more gifted passer."

"Because I said Weeden had a big beautiful stroke, I got accused of saying, ‘Well, he can throw a better ball than Aikman.’ Now that’s BS," Jones said. "We all know that. We all know that."

Former franchise quarterback Troy Aikman, and NFL on FOX color analyst, agrees with his former owner and general manager.

"I understood exactly what he was saying," Aikman told KTCK-AM Thursday. "It never even entered my mind. I wasn’t part of that comment at all. So when Jimmy [Johnson] asked, I had no idea that was coming and I never took the comment that way. So, you know, that’s just Jerry."

During FOX NFL Sunday, Johnson relayed to Aikman on-air that Jones stated Weeden "throws the prettiest ball he’s ever seen." Aikman chuckled and said the remark didn’t make him feel too good.

"He completely threw me off," said Aikman. "They told me. Let me just say Jerry responded to it. When I heard Jerry’s comments, you know, Brandon throws the best ball or whatever the quote was. I’m so far removed from having played that none of that stuff even impacts me. I’m not thinking, ‘Hey, wait. I played for the Cowboys. What about my throws?’ For me, it was like, yeah, he’s a really talented passer."

The three-time Super Bowl champion blames the internet and social media for the headline-driven media that can take comments out of context and turn them into consequential matters.

"It’s so crazy with the internet and everything and social media that if anybody says anything gets completely taken out of whack. I’m not crazy about it, and I’m caught in the middle of it a lot as a broadcaster. Really is frustrating when somebody makes a comment and somebody wants to make headlines out of it. Wait a minute. That’s not the genesis of the comment. But, hey, that’s the world we live in."