Tony Romo speaks about being a new father

At the Dallas Cowboys’ Valley Ranch practice facility, Tony Romo rarely talks about anything other than football.

Romo has fielded questions from reporters about becoming a father in April but those answers usually end up being about a sentence long.

However, if you really wanted to know how fatherhood has treated the Cowboys quarterback, here’s a little insight.

Romo called in to The Hardline radio show Friday afternoon on 1310 The Ticket [KTCK-AM] in Dallas. When asked if he only picked up the phone because he was bored on an off day, Romo joked that he was avoiding his turn to change his son’s diaper.

“I got to be honest, yeah that’s pretty much it,” Romo said. “It was either this or go inside and change a diaper for a second. So I’m trying to prolong that as long as possible.”

Romo then went on to discuss his daily routine and whether it has changed now that the season has started.

“The routine is very set once the season begins,” Romo said. “I actually look forward to waking up a little early and playing with him a little bit when he gets up in the morning and then heading off to practice. Obviously coming home, I haven’t seen him there in 10 or 12 hours, so you get to spend a couple of hours with him before bed.

“He’s at that age now where he’s playing with stuff. He’s got the cognitive skills. He’s reaching, he’s touching, he’s giving you a lot of emotion with his smiles, so there’s a lot of feedback. So it makes it pretty enjoyable to play with him. For me, it’s just fun being a dad. And he’s such a good kid and easy to want to hang out with. So it’s just been a fun experience. I really enjoy it.”

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