Tony Romo responds to questions about whether he’s injured

IRVING – Tony Romo said Thursday that he would tell reporters if his back was bothering him. It’s unlikely that a smiling Romo was telling the truth.

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback was hit four times Sunday in Detroit with three coming from Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley.

Romo, who had a minor procedure to remove a cyst from his back in May, said his health is not an issue.

“I’m fine,” Romo said. “It’s all the same. Just bruises throughout the season. There are no back issues or anything like that. You end up getting to the midpoint of the season, your shoulders are tight, all the legs, all that stuff, you’ve got to keep grinding away, keep getting better, and keep staying in the weight room and running and doing all that good stuff.”

Romo hasn’t missed a game since Oct. 2010 when he broke his collarbone.

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