Tony Romo: Jason Witten might be best Cowboy of all time

Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith are just a few of the names that come to mind first when debating who is the best Dallas Cowboys player of all time. 

But quarterback Tony Romo thinks one of his favorite targets might be better than any of the franchise’s 11 Hall of Famers or 18 Ring of Honor members.

"[Jason] Witten’s just the best," Romo said on a Wednesday conference call. "He might be the best Dallas Cowboy of all time. Literally, his career has been exceptional. He’s hit every mark you could ever have. He’s going to go on as the first or second greatest tight end of all time. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to play with him."

The nine-time Pro Bowler has 898 receptions for 10,014 yards and 52 touchdowns in 12 seasons in Dallas.

"I’m definitely humbled by him saying that, to be mentioned with some of those guys that make this organization the best in the world," Witten said on Thursday. "But I’ve got a long way to go to catch those guys."

Nobody will argue that Witten is good and will likely be giving a speech in Canton, Ohio one day, but greatest ever in the Cowboys’ rich history might be a stretch. 

Maybe if Romo and Witten win a few Super Bowls before their careers are done he can be put in the conversation. If that doesn’t happen, Witten might just be the greatest Cowboy of all time without a championship ring.  

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