Thunder vs. Grizzlies: Game 3 Predictions

Place your bets! The winner of Game 3 will be...


Sue Ogrocki/AP

Thabo Sefolosha, not Russell Westbrook, will start the game guarding Mike Conley.

Marc Gasol will shoot 50 percent or better. He’ll finish with a double-double.

The Thunder will trail by at least 10 points in the first half.

Kevin Durant, shooting 47 percent for the series and just 36 percent when guarded by Tony Allen, will shoot better than 50 percent and score more than 30 points.

Zach Randolph of Memphis is shooting 41.5 percent in two playoff games. He’ll be better than 50 percent tonight.

Reggie Jackson will play more than 25 minutes and score 15 or more points. He is averaging 19 minutes per game and is scoring 5.5 points per game.

The Thunder will not shoot 50 percent as a team and will not score 100 points.

Kendrick Perkins will not score.

Tony Allen and Kevin Durant will be called for a double-technical foul.

The Thunder bench will have a better plus-minus number than the Grizzlies.

Memphis will have less than eight turnovers. Oklahoma City will have more than 13.

Russell Westbrook will get to the free throw line at least 10 times. Kevin Durant will shoot more than 12 free throws.

Ben Udrih will not shoot 50 percent and will not score more than six points. He was six-for-eight in Game 2 for 14 points, but there’s a reason he was cut by the Knicks earlier this season.

Memphis will trail by at least 10 points in the second half.

Kevin Durant will not have a triple-double. Russell Westbrook will.

You will hear either Grindhouse or Grit-N-Grind at least a half-dozen times from the television announcers, whether you watch the game on FOX or on TNT.

Oklahoma City will win 90-86.

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