Thunder-Spurs Game 6 predictions

The home team has been the dominant team in this Western Conference Finals.

The consistency has been remarkable.

If only the predictions for these past five games could be as good.

Oh, well. On to Game 6 where you will see …

The game actually get decided in the fourth quarter. It’s about time. Seems like about a year ago the Thunder and the Grizzlies were going overtime, every time.

Matt Bonner not start or play more than 12 minutes.

Serge Ibaka play better than his Game 5 effort when he went 3-for-10. He’s averaging 11.8 points per game. He’ll get to 18 in Game 6.

Boris Diaw start and make three or more 3-pointers.

Jeremy Lamb play in the first half.

Tiago Splitter not go scoreless. I know, that’s easy. He’ll also get eight or more rebounds.
Russell Westbrook have four-plus steals. And two-plus dunks.

Steven Adams play more than 30 minutes.

Manu Ginobili shoot worse than 50 percent, but Marco Belinelli shoot better than 50 percent.

Nick Collison play less than 10.

Kevin Durant score 40 points and get 10 or more rebounds.

The Thunder trail after the first quarter. And the second quarter.

Danny Green miss more than half of his field goal tries and make fewer than 3.5 3-pointers.

Derek Fisher make two 3-pointers.

Tony Parker have eight or more assists.

The Thunder to get to at least 18 fast-break points.

The Thunder to have more turnovers than the Spurs, but fewer rebounds.

Kevin Durant miss the game-winning shot that would have sent the Thunder into a Game 7.

Spurs series record: 41-51-5
Clippers series record: 55-83-5
Grizzlies series record: 58-63-5