Thunder make salary space for potential new player

Ryan Gomes

Greg Smith/Greg Smith-USA TODAY Sports




OKLAHOMA CITY – The Thunder have sent Ryan Gomes to Boston in a move that will free up some salary space and also give OKC the possibility of acquiring another player.

Jerryd Bayless was sent from the Grizzlies to the Celtics for Courtney Lee and Gomes was added to the deal. It is expected the Celtics will release Gomes. The Thunder could also end up sending the Celtics money or possibly a second-round draft pick.

The move gives the Thunder more than $2.3 million worth under the salary cap which could be enough to go get another player. No telling who that might be at this point, but clearly OKC needs help at the point guard position – at least until Russell Westbrook returns from injury sometime after the All-Star break.

Reggie Jackson is the starter, leaving only Derek Fisher as the back-up. Past those two, Kevin Durant is the only player who brings the ball up the court. A season ago, Durant tired in the second round of the playoffs against Memphis. It’s possible the Thunder don’t want Durant to go through the same thing again and will look to add a point guard. 

Andre Miller of Denver could be a possibility as he reportedly is not getting along with the Denver coaching staff. 

Gomes signed with the Thunder in the offseason. He has never been part of the rotation and has played just 10 games and very limited minutes this season.