Thunder-Grizzlies Game 5 preview

OKLAHOMA CITY — The series is tied at two and is back in Oklahoma City for tonight’s tipoff at 8.

A few things to look forward to, a few guesses and predictions.

Let’s try this again.

The Thunder players will put together some sort of protest, regarding the Donald Sterling situation before tonight’s game.

Memphis will have 22 or less points at the end of the first quarter.

Kevin Durant will have nine or more points in the first quarter. He’ll finish with a triple-double. And shoot better than 50 percent.

This game will not go overtime. I think.

The Thunder in-game production team will play FloRida and Pitbull tunes too many times.

Zach Randolph will have his best game of the series, have a double-double and shoot 50 percent or better.

Both Scott Brooks and Memphis coach Dave Joerger will be asked about Donald Sterling and the Clippers in pre-games interviews with the media.

Kevin Durant’s friends and family sitting court-side won’t put on the free T-shirts the rest of the arena will certainly be wearing.

Off the board, bonus prediction: The Clippers will beat the Warriors tonight

Mike Conley will not shoot 50 percent, neither will Beno Udrih or Tony Allen. Zach Randolph will, and he’ll have more than 10 rebounds.

Kevin Durant will be the leading scorer in the game. Marc Gasol will be the second-leading scorer.

Jeremy Lamb will play. In mop-up time. Perry Jones will not.

There will be at least five mentions of  "The Grindhouse" despite the game being in OKC. You’ll have to let me know if this happens, I’ll be at the game, not watching on TV, but I feel pretty good about this guess.

Reggie Jackson won’t get to 30 points. Or 20 points.

Derek Fisher gets more than 13 minutes of playing time.

Russell Westbrook will have more than five turnovers, but shoot better than 45 percent.

Memphis coach Dave Joerger will get a technical foul.

Oklahoma City wins, 100-91.

Game 3 prediction record: 10-14-1
Game 4 prediction record: 14-11

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