Thunder could be busy during free agency

Is Pau Gasol heading to Oklahoma City?

Free agency starts at midnight. It could get crazy, too.

The Thunder didn’t make a big move on draft day, so does that mean they might try and make a splash in free agency?


Here are a few big names who the Thunder may be talking to, and why they could actually work out in Oklahoma City.

Pau Gasol
Thunder fans may be more familiar with Marc Gasol, Pau’s brother with the Grizzlies, but Pau hit a follow-up shot in the playoffs that bounced OKC out in the first round.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Thunder are one of four teams Gasol is going to talk to. "He will meet with Oklahoma City, Chicago and Golden State," the Times reported.

Gasol is 33 and won make near the $19 million he earned a season ago with the Lakers, but he’s a center, although not great on defense, who is extremely skilled on offense – something the Thunder don’t really have on their roster.

Clearly the Thunder are in need of a shooting guard after losing Derek Fisher and likely Thabo Sefolosha, but the chance to sign Gasol, who has won two championships, would be something hard to pass up.

Other power forward/center option: Greg Monroe, Kris Humphries

Vince Carter
OK, so you thought he’s been half-retired the past few years, but Carter had a productive year with the Mavs last season. He’s 37 but managed 11.9 points per game.

No, you don’t want your offense to run through him, like it did at points in his career in New Jersey and Toronto, but Carter has some value at a spot the Thunder need help – shooting guard.

Yes, he got kicked out of a game this season for tussling with Steven Adams of the Thunder, but then again, who didn’t?

On face value, Carter doesn’t’ seem to fit the mold of a Thunder type player, but his game is similar to that of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. All of them are players who look to create their own shot.

Other two-guard options: Jodie Meeks, Rodney Stuckey, Eric Bledsoe.

Kirk Hinrich
A perfect fit for the Thunder as the team needs a back-up point guard now the Fisher is no longer with the team.

If Reggie Jackson moves into the starting lineup, the Thunder will be even thinner off the bench at the guard spot, which makes sense to go after a guy like Hinrich, a proven NBA player.

He averaged 9.1 points per game last season in Chicago and is the kind of guard the Thunder don’t have – one looking to pass before shooting. He’s more reliable than Fisher, a better defender and more than capable of playing 15-20 minutes as a team’s back-up.

The downside is Hinrich is 33. Of course, Fisher was 67 years old last season and that didn’t stop the Thunder from playing Fisher in a number of critical situations throughout the playoffs.

Other point guard options: C.J. Miles, Darren Collison

Mike Miller
I didn’t say he was a good idea, but this may be the time Miller winds up in OKC. He was rumored to have the Thunder as one of his final options last year after leaving Miami, but Miller chose to head back to Memphis.

Always injured and now old (34), Miller doesn’t have a lot to offer, but man, he sure can make a shot when you need him to.

Other shooting guard options: Ray Allen, Gordon Hayward

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