Thunder-Clippers Game 4 Predictions

Will Kevin Durant get on a scoring streak in Game 4? The expert says....

Mark J. Terrill/AP

The Thunder got their most-complete effort of the playoffs Friday night in Los Angeles and took a 2-1 series lead.

Topping that performance Sunday will be difficult.

Improving on these predictions should not be. 

We’ll see. Here they are for Game 4:

Serge Ibaka will not have two fouls in the first quarter. He won’t shoot 90 percent from the field, either. He will shoot better than 50 percent, though.

Wanda Pratt will be mentioned by the ABC announcers. A lot. 

Kevin Durant hasn’t scored 40 points in a game this series. He won’t get there Sunday, either. But he will have a triple-double.

Russell Westbrook won’t have a triple-double. He will have 12-plus assists. He’ll also have at least 20 field goal attempts after only having 14 in the last game.

Blake Griffin will score less than 23.5 points – his average during the playoffs. 

Thabo Sefolosha will make more than one 3-pointer.

The Thunder will trail at halftime.

Quick, who’s leading the Thunder in rebounding this postseason? It’s Durant at 9.1. He’ll have 10 or more today.

Reggie Jackson will score 15 or more points.

The Thunder will score more than 110 points. So will the Clippers.

Watch Jamal Crawford. No chance he only makes one 3-pointer today. He was 6-of-18 Friday and one-of-five on 3-pointers. He’s 2-of-12 the past two games and 8-of-31 combined from the field. Both Clipper losses. In the lone Clipper win this series, Crawford was 6-for-11 and three-for-six on 3-pointers. 

Crawford will make at least four 3-pointers Sunday. He’ll shoot 40 percent or better. 

Nick Collison will play 15 or more minutes. 

Matt Barnes will shoot worse than 50 percent.Chris Paul will shoot better than 50 percent.

There will be two or more flagrant fouls called. Each coach will receive a technical foul.

Derek Fisher will make two 3-pointers. Caron Butler will make less than three.

Shelly Sterling will get more air time. So will some celebrity you’ve never heard of. 

The Thunder take a 3-1 series lead.

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Game 2 prediction record: 6-16

Game 3 prediction record: 6-11-1

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