Three more things you may not know about the Sooners

We’re coming up on the OU-Texas game Saturday in Dallas.

Just another opportunity on Tuesday to learn more about the Sooners.

Here’s three more things you may not have known about Oklahoma:

1. Trey Millard probably won’t be getting the ball. Again.

I know, you’ve heard this one before, but it’s looking like more of the same when it comes to Trey Millard and his production.

Co-offensive coordinator Josh Heupel said Tuesday they need to find a way to get Millard the ball. Uh, yeah, coach, you guys have been saying that forever, but nothing really seems to change.

Yes, we get that Millard is a valuable blocker and no one else can block quite like the Sooner senior, but why keep talking about trying to figure a way to get him the ball then?

Millard has six carries for 25 yards and a touchdown this season, including OU’s first touchdown against TCU. He has seven catches for 24 yards and a touchdown. Millard scored on an 8-yard run in the second quarter and was pretty much ignored after that. He had no more carries and had no catches.

But maybe this is the week something changes? Last year against Texas, Milalrd had his most-productive game of the season. He caught five passes for 119 yards and scored a touchdown. He had three runs for 45 yards. He had a stiff-arm and hurdled a Texas defender that made for an impressive highlight, too.

“Some of the runs he made were special,” Heupel said of Millard last year against Texas. “But a lot of people don’t understand how productive he is when the ball is not in his hands. He’s a huge part of what we’re doing on offense.”

The Sooner rushing attack has been good. Credit Millard for some of that, if you go off of what Heupel is saying, but it seems like all we do is wonder when and if Millard will get the ball more.

Sure doesn’t seem that way.

2. OU may never turn the ball over. Ever again.

Well, that’s probably a bit dramatic, but apparently we’ve gotten to the point where co-offensive Jay Norvell is knocking on wood – as did coach Bob Stoops on Monday – when it comes to talking turnovers.

The Sooners have six turnovers this season, but none in the past three games. In other words, since Blake Bell has become the starter at quarterback, the Sooners have taken care of the ball. Running back Brennan Clay said the team has really emphasized holding onto the ball. Bell said in the quarterback meetings they are taking a lot of pride in protecting the ball.

And the coaches are resorting to superstition, sort of.

The fact is, OU will have to turn the ball over multiple times for Texas to win Saturday, and with the way thing have been going, it doesn’t look like that’s going to be an issue. Bell has gone 72-of-104 this season passing without an interception. He’s carried it 40 times and has yet to put the ball on the ground.

Sure it could happen, but it probably won’t. Not after two coaches have already knocked on wood, right?

3. OU’s offense is consistent, sort of. Well, it depends who you ask.

Hard to tell what to expect from the Sooners. They scored 51 against Tulsa after scoring 16 against West Virginia – which has showed itself to be a terrible defensive team. OU scored 35 on the road at Notre Dame, getting some defensive help along the way, only to come back and get very little offense against TCU.

Blake Bell has looked great throwing the ball and while he hasn’t thrown an interception, at times he’s shown the touch of a blacksmith.

Consistent? Hmm. OU is 20-of-23 on scores in the redzone, so there’s that.

“We’re never pleased,” co-offensive coordinator Jay Norvell said. “I don’t know that we’ve been as consistent as we want to be. We’ve been balanced. We’ve shown the ability to run the ball and make plays. When we can do both at a high level, we will be where we want to be.”

As for Bell, well, he sorta disagreed.

“I would say so,” Bell said of whether the team has been consistent offensively. “Obviously there were some drives, but it was more us than anything.”

Yeah, maybe so, and that would probably be the definition of inconsistency, but hey, we understand.

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