The Sooners are hardly predictable, but here’s 25 more tries

NORMAN, Okla. – Lincoln Riley, Oklahoma’s hip, young offensive coordinator came from Texas Tech.

Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma’s version of Johnny Manziel, just without the drama, also came from Texas Tech.

A handful of Oklahoma assistants were also once Texas Tech assistants, but Mike Leach, the former Texas Tech coach who mentored a number of the OU assistants, was once an assistant for Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops when Stoops came to Norman in 1999.

It’s not exactly easy to figure out, this football version of a family tree, but then again nothing about this 2015 bunch of Sooners is predictable.

Fifty-five points against Kansas State, efficient and effective.

Seventeen points against Texas, stale and stagnant.

Oklahoma couldn’t stop the run against a one-dimensional team at the Cotton Bowl and against the same kind of team the next week, the Sooner defense limited Kansas State to just seven first downs. 

And you thought trying to remember which OU coaches were at Tech was confusing.

Here’s to trying to straighten it out. Twenty-five predictions about Saturday’s game between Tech and Oklahoma.

1. This is the week we find out about what this Oklahoma team is all about. So far, we’ve seen bad and we’ve seen good. We’ve seen fair and fantastic. All of that, and it’s only been six games. 2. We’ll recognize that this offense is more like the one that scored 55 points against Kansas State and less like the one that struggled against Tennessee for three quarters and pulled a no-show in Dallas. 3. OU scores in the first 5 minutes of the game. 4. And twice in the first 10 minutes. 

5. We’ll also recognize the defense as closer to normal, and not the one that embarrassed Kansas State last Saturday. 6. Texas Tech scores in the first 5 minutes, too. 7. And twice in the first quarter.

8. Oh, it’s on. Plenty of offense. Early and often. 

Revenge is a dish best served cold. And in the case of Mayfield, the former Tech quarterback, it’s also best served against a team with a miserable running game. Instead of letting Mayfield use up all that adrenaline trying to best Tech, 9. Mayfield and the Sooner offense will lean on the rushing game. 10. Samaje Perine has his best, most-dominant game of the season. 11. He has 100-plus rushing yards by the end of the first quarter 12. and 200 by the end of the end of the game.

13. Mayfield will be good, but he won’t have to be great. Not with a defense like Texas Tech’s. 14. Mayfield will throw for more than 250 yards and he’ll account for three touchdowns, but as much as the OU coaching staff will try to reel him in, Mayfield will still let his emotions get the best of him. 15. Count on at least two turnovers, attributable to Mayfield. 16. One will come in the first quarter which will 17. lead to a Tech scoring drive.

So much is going to be made about the Mayfield-Texas-Tech/OU connection. 18. But you’re tired of it by now. 19. And you’ll also be glad he’s playing for Oklahoma now, too.

20. And you’ll ask if there just might be a way Mayfield could play some defense. 21. The Sooners are gonna give up more than 30 points. 22. And more than 400 yards. 

23. It won’t matter. Last week, OU sat in an airport for the better part of a day. They ate junk food, pizza, burgers and tacos. This week, OU probably will go with a light salad instead. They won’t have all that time cooped up together, but they’ll be plenty motivated.

24. Take the Sooners and the points. Oklahoma wins 52-33. 25. And you start thinking about Mayfield’s return to Lubbock, Tex., next season.

Last week’s record: 16-9

Overall: 84-67

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