‘That Just Happened’ in this week of college football

dTime to take a look back on the wacky, wild and sometimes downright impressive moments of Week 5 across the world of college football in this week’s That Just Happened.

He’s got ’em on his back: I’m guessing 302-pound UCF defensive lineman E.J. Dunston did not imagine he’d get a chance to field a punt during his career, but hey, anything can happen in college football. A bad snap meant a rushed punt from Tyler Hull, but Dunston confidently waited to field it and did what a punt returner’s supposed to do: He got upfield. The return tallied 13 yards and he took a few defenders along for the ride, too. Turns out, 302-pounders are hard to tackle. Maybe this is the beginning of a new trend. I hope so.

Bad day for punters:
Oklahoma State came to Morgantown as a 21-point favorite, but suffered a 30-21 loss to West Virginia. Punter Kip Smith didn’t help the cause, setting up a pair of WVU touchdowns with punts of 13 and 16 yards in the first half. He offered an apology after the game.

Neither of his punts could top USF’s Mattias Ciabatti, who boomed a two-yard punt from his own end zone against Miami.

Jackpot: Tulsa didn’t get the win over Iowa State at home on Thursday night, but Thomas Roberson inserted his name into the pot for Catch of the Year in college football. Golden Hurricane quarterback Cody Green threw what looked like an interception to Sam Richardson, but Roberson jumped over Richardson’s back and snatched the ball away, making sure to get his feet down in the end zone before falling out of bounds.

Just like they drew it up: The goal of any onside kick is to get the ball back. SMU accomplished that goal late against TCU, but giving up a touchdown to make it happen isn’t what coach June Jones had in mind. Texas Tech gave up touchdowns on onside kicks in consecutive seasons under Tommy Tuberville.

Easy there, big guy:
Here’s guessing Jen Bielema didn’t fire off a “#karma” tweet following her husband Bret’s nasty spill during the walk to the stadium. The Arkansas coach fell to his knees after slipping on a slick spot in the parking lot outside the stadium.

Doug Flutie returns to Boston College: If Florida State QB Jameis Winston is still in the Heisman race come December, you can bet you’ll see this play over and over again. With the final seconds of the first half ticking away, he got the snap, broke two tackles and chucked the ball to Kenny Shaw while taking a hit. Shaw came down with a jumpball in single coverage for a 55-yard touchdown that completed a 21-point second quarter and gave the Seminoles their first lead in a 48-34 road win.

Here come’s Tiger Dog: This poor dog. Canines have staked a reputation on hating cats, but I’m betting this unfortunate pooch might encounter something of an identity crisis the next time he looks in the mirror. His LSU fan owner turned him into a replica of Mike the Tiger, who attends LSU games in a cage. Hey, gotta support the team.

It’s not basketball season just yet: Word leaked out before Saturday’s game that a special guest might be joining the Georgia student section for the Bulldogs’ game against LSU. It turned out to be worth the hype. Bulldogs hoops coach Mark Fox donned some spiky shoulder pads, a wig and painted his face to support that “other” team on campus.

Nice toss, bro:
Ole Miss didn’t score in a 25-0 loss to No. 1 Alabama, but the defense didn’t get much help from the officials on a play in the second half. Defensive end C.J. Johnson caught a flag right in the eye, and it lodged in his facemask for a direct hit from the official. Ole Miss’ medical staff tended to him on the sidelines, and he returned shortly after, so the accident won’t have the kind of consequences we saw with the Cleveland Browns’ Orlando Brown back in 1999. He missed the next three seasons and later sued the NFL, settling for a figure that was reportedly between $15 and $25 million.

Return of the fumblerooski:
Boise State hosted a Southern Miss team boasting the nation’s longest losing streak (15 games) on Saturday. I’m not sure the Broncos needed to use much trickery to beat the Golden Eagles, but it used some, and used it well. Boise got on the board first with one of the oldest trick plays in the college football book: the fumblerooski. QB Joe Southwick received the snap and handed it to Shane Williams-Rhodes. Southern Miss’ defense fell for it, and Williams-Rhodes escaped the madness at the line of scrimmage for a touchdown.