Texans lose game to Cowboys, but Houston fans come away with victory

While the Houston Texans couldn’t come away with a win in Arlington against the Cowboys, their fans certainly left DFW with a moral victory after taking over AT&T Stadium Sunday afternoon.

Texans fans who made the 260-mile trek north to Jerry Jones’ house, made things difficult for the home team, with tight end Jason Witten, as well as quarterback Tony Romo, admitting they had to use a silent snap count in their own house due to opposing crowd noise.

"All the Houston fans forced us to go to a silent snap count," Witten said.

Jones, who all but denied the Cowboys’ stadium was taken over in Dallas’ two previous home games against New Orleans and San Francisco, will have a hard time making excuses for this happening for a third time in the young season with his players publicly speaking on the matter.

Not to mention, the photos of the stands seem to feature a lot of ‘battle’ red and ‘deep steel’ blue jerseys.

Romo even mentioned the crowd noise was more prevalent in the home game against Houston than it was on the road in St. Louis and Tennessee.

"There’s no question we played on the road," Romo said. "That was every bit as loud as going to St. Louis or to Tennessee."

While Jones and the Cowboys’ front office cook up more ways to actually get more home fans in AT&T Stadium on game day, Romo did have a simple solution for the time being – buy more tickets himself. He also challenged the team to "tighten up" selling tickets.

Honestly, if a 4-1, better-than-expected Cowboys squad can’t drive in more fans, what will? We will see on Oct. 19, the next Dallas home game, if more rival Giants’ fans can pack the house to make things tough on the Cowboys who are attempting to break out of a three-season 8-8 funk.

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