Terrance Williams says Morris Claiborne went ‘overboard’ in first padded-practice

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams

Gus Ruelas/AP

OXNARD, Calif. – Terrance Williams didn’t like the way Morris Claiborne defended him on a few plays during Saturday’s first training camp practice in pads.

When Claiborne was physical with the second-year receiver on a come-back route during 1-on-1 drills, Williams let him know he had enough, grabbing Claiborne’s facemask as the two exchanged words.

After an earlier exchange, Claiborne, who has been defending Dez Bryant often during practice, yelled: "Get Dez over here!"

"I’m all for playing football, but I just feel like sometimes if it goes a tad bit overboard to where I feel like I’m about to get hurt, then I’ve got to just tell him, ‘Lighten up a tad bit, but still do your job,’" Williams said. "But just don’t try to hurt me. That’s all."

Williams added: "I feel like if I’m about to get hurt then that’s when I kind of draw the line."

What did Claiborne think of the play?

"It just got a little bit competitive," he said. "He didn’t like the way I was touching him. I don’t know what else I was supposed to have done, just let him run his route? But it gets like that sometimes out here. We’re still teammates, we’re still buddies. It’s a physical game. In 1-on-1s it definitely gets physical out there. It was good competition."

Williams agreed with Claiborne that nothing from Saturday’s practice changes their friendship.

"That’s still my friend," Williams said. "Football is football. Whatever stays out here, stays out here. I still talk to him and nothing is going to change. Whatever happens, happens. I’m done with that."

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