Switzer joins hunt for Oklahoma dog killer

Former Dallas Cowboys and Oklahoma Sooners head coach Barry Switzer is attempting to help a family in Oklahoma whose dog was tied to the back of a truck and dragged to its death over the weekend.
Switzer said Monday via Twitter that he would match the reward money posted to find whoever killed the 2-year-old Labrador.
Switzer tweeted: “Lab dog was dragged to death in Rogers County. $4500 has been offered for the capture of those responsible. I will match reward. Sorry SOB”
Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton told Tulsa’s Channel 8 that the dog named Jetta had her legs tied together with bailing wire.
“It appeared that wire had led up to maybe the hitch or a bumper of a vehicle and the dog had been drug until it died,” he said. “This dog had been drug for over a mile, and there was certainly evidence of that on the roadway.”
With Switzer’s help, the reward money had grown to $10,000 by Monday. The reward is being collected by the Wild Heart Ranch, a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center near Foyil, according to TulsaWorld.com.
He’s a “very nice man, very passionate about finding the person who did this,” Wild Heart Ranch founder and director Annette King Tucker said of Switzer, according to the website. “He and his wife are extremely motivated to do what they can to help.”
Switzer later tweeted the following message to Jetta’s owner, Melony Patton: “We are heartbroken for your loss of Jetta. This will help find those responsible for such a senseless, horrific crime.”

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