SWIM: Thunder vs. Spurs

Looking at a box score is something anyone can do. Who lead my team in scoring? How’d we shoot from the field? And while that knowledge is useful, does it really earn you bonus points around the water cooler?
That’s why I’m here. I’m bringing you the S.W.I.M: Statistics Worth Increased Media. Let Joe from accounting regurgitate what he heard on the way in this morning; you’re better than that. Use these nuggets to gain a unique perspective about last night’s Spurs/Thunder game.

Serge Ibaka has scored 54 points, grabbed 46 rebounds, and blocked 16 shots in four games against the Spurs this season. He averages roughly 26 PRB (points + rebounds + blocks) this season and that is his lowest total in those four games.

Caron Butler has 16 steals as a member of the Thunder, with 63% of those thefts coming in two games.

It has been nine days since the last time Butler made a two point field goal.

Reggie Jackson is a career 29% three point shooter and 88% free throw shooter, yet the reserve guard has more games in which he has made multiple three pointers without a miss than games with two-plus FTM without a miss over the last 2.5 weeks.

For the first time since February 10-17, 2012, Kevin Durant made all of his free throws in four consecutive games.

It took Durant 26 shots to get his 28 points tonight: it took him just 24 shots to score 60 points in his previous two games.

Kawhi Leonard has been active for ten losses this season, with his minute total rounding to 29 minutes in four of those games.

The last time Leonard was a part of a loss was January 22nd … to the Thunder. His last road loss was December 16th.

The Spurs are a mere 2-2 in 2014 when Tim Duncan misses at least ten shots from the field.

X-factor? Patty Mills (who will be known as "Patty Buckets" from this point forward) is shooting 65.4% from the field, 80% from deep, and100% from the free throw line over the Spurs last three games, all of which have come against playoff teams that rank in the top five in defensive efficiency.

For the first time since Mid-March of 2013, the Spurs lost a game in which Marco Belinelli recorded at least six rebounds.

Tony Parker has had six or fewer points and three or fewer assists (minimum of 19 minutes played) in three of his last five games. He’s attempted one free throw in those contests and is shooting just 25% from the field.