SWIM: Thunder vs. Cavaliers

Looking at a box score is something anyone can do. Who lead my team in scoring? How’d we shoot from the field? And while that knowledge is useful, does it really earn you bonus points around the water cooler?

That’s why I’m here. I’m bringing you the S.W.I.M: Statistics Worth Increased Media. Let Joe from accounting regurgitate what he heard on the way in this morning; you’re better than that. Use these nuggets to gain a unique perspective about last night’s Thunder/Cavaliers game.

Over the last five weeks, Kevin Durant has grabbed double digit rebounds in a game he didn’t attempt double digit free throws only twice… both have come against the Cavaliers.

For the first time in 2014, Durant pulled down at least 11 rebounds in consecutive games.

One month ago today was the last time Serge Ibaka didn’t block at least two shots in a game.

Jeremy Lamb’s last five double digit point efforts, and six of his seven such games over the last two months, have come on the road.

Derek Fisher has two four steal games this month, twice as many he has had since February 2011.

For his career, Caron Butler averages 54.2% more free throws than three point attempts per game, yet he has taken more threes than freebies in every game of his OKC career.

Dion Waiters missed more free throws in this game (six) than he had attempted in any game since January 14th.

The Cavaliers went 6-1 in February when Tristan Thompson recorded double digit rebounds but they have dropped both instances in March.

Spencer Hawes was averaging 10.5 rebounds in games in which he scored at least 20 points this season. He managed just three rebounds tonight.

The Cavs have lost seven straight games in which Jarrett Jack commits multiple turnovers.

Matthew Delladova had ten dimes in this one: Cleveland has not won a game in which the reserve shooting guard tallied more than five assists since January 7th.