SWIM: Thunder-Clippers

Looking at a box score is something anyone can do. Who lead my team in scoring? How’d we shoot from the field? And while that knowledge is useful, does it really earn you bonus points around the water cooler?

That’s why I’m here. I’m bringing you the S.W.I.M: Statistics Worth Increased Media. Let Joe from accounting regurgitate what he heard on the way in this morning; you’re better than that. Use these nuggets to gain a unique perspective about last night’s Thunder/Clippers game.

Kevin Durant averaged a season-low 1.04 points per field goal attempt.

The Thunder have won six straight games over the last five week when Durant turns the ball over two or fewer times.

Kendrick Perkins scored six points against the Clippers, his highest scoring game since January 19th.

Oklahoma City has won nine of ten games this season, including two against the Clippers, in which Russell Westbrook did not make a three pointer.

Caron Butler is averaging just 5.4 points the game immediately following a 13-plus point performance as a member of the Thunder.

Over the last three months, the Thunder have won all nine games where Serge Ibaka has played fewer than 30 minutes.

DeAndre Jordan recorded his third straight double double, his longest streak over the last two months.

Over his last ten games, Jordan is shooting 75.8% from the field.

In five of the Clippers six losses since the All Star Break, Blake Griffin attempted at least 21 shots.

It has been more than a year since the last time Chris Paul missed three free throws in a regular season game.

The last game in which J.J. Redick recorded more assists than field goal attempts? February 27, 2011.