SWIM: Thunder at Suns

Looking at a box score is something anyone can do. Who lead my team in scoring? How’d we shoot from the field? And while that knowledge is useful, does it really earn you bonus points around the water cooler?

That’s why I’m here. I’m bringing you the S.W.I.M: Statistics Worth Increased Media. Let Joe from accounting regurgitate what he heard on the way in this morning; you’re better than that. Use these nuggets to gain a unique perspective about last night’s Thunder/Suns game.

Russell Westbrook recorded a game-high assist total for the second consecutive game, matching his longest streak of the season.

Westbrook played four games in February, totaling 15 rebounds and 23 assists in the process (108 minutes). He has produced 19 rebounds and 23 assists in his last two games (50 minutes).

Since the beginning of February, Kevin Durant has as many games with at least five rebounds and five assists as he does 30-plus point efforts (nine).

Oklahoma City is only 5-4 when Durant attempts at least nine three pointers. They are also just 8-7 when Reggie Jackson fails to score at least ten points.

The Thunder have lost five games in the last month and Serge Ibaka is shooting 63.5% from the field in those games.

The Suns average more points per first quarter than the Thunder, but that was the only quarter they lost in this one.

Tandem A: 70 points, 25 FGM, 46 FGA, 7 3PM, 13 FTM, 16 rebounds, +12 cumulative +/- rate

Tandem B: 65 points, 20 FGM, 35 FGA, 8 3PM, 17 FTM, 11 rebounds, +24 +/- rate

The Suns made 11 of 13 jump shots taken outside of 13 feet in the third quarter.

Gerald Green recorded a career-high 41 points in this game and the Suns offense has been absolutely dynamic when Green has the scoring touch. Following their loss to OKC in November, Phoenix is averaging 109.7 points in the 17 20-plus point efforts from Green.

The Suns have won three straight games in which Goran Dragic has attempted at least 14 two point field goals after winning just two of the first nine occurrences this season.

Phoenix improved to 5-1 when P.J. Tucker attempts three or fewer shots. Conversely, they’ve lost four of the past six when he takes at least ten shots.

The Suns are a perfect 5-0 during the career of Markieff Morris when the big man attempts at least ten free throws.

Tandem A is the highest scoring duo in the league; Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Tandem B? The vastly underrated Gerald Green and Markieff Morris