SWIM: Pelicans vs. Rockets

Looking at a box score is something anyone can do. Who lead my team in scoring? How’d we shoot from the field? And while that knowledge is useful, does it really earn you bonus points around the water cooler?

That’s why I’m here. I’m bringing you the S.W.I.M: Statistics Worth Increased Media. Let Joe from accounting regurgitate what he heard on the way in this morning; you’re better than that. Use these nuggets to gain a unique perspective about last night’s Pelicans/Rockets game.

Tyreke Evans scored 42.2% of his points this season after we flipped the calendar to March.

The Pelicans won less than 42% of their games this season, yet they finished by winning nine of the final ten games in which Evans tallied at least 20 points.

For the fourth time in eight days, Austin Rivers had at least five rebounds and five assists, something he didn’t do a single time this season prior. Tonight was the first game in which he left the arena with a W after one of those games.

For the fourth time in his last eight games (minimum ten minutes played), Jeff Withey blocked at least four shots. The Pelicans are 2-0 against playoff teams and 0-2 against lottery teams in those games.

Al-Farouq Aminu has missed four free throws at home in the last month: he missed five in a single road game at Denver.

Terrence Jones set season highs in points and rebounds in a game that he recorded at least four assists in.

Troy Daniels is attempting nearly 16 three pointer attempts per 48 minutes for his career.

The Rockets have lost three straight games when Jordan Hamilton attempts at least eight shots from the field. They’ve won six straight (minimum of seven minutes played) when he has attempted fewer than eight shots.

Regardless of minutes played, this was the first game of the season that Dwight Howard’s assist total was at least equal to his rebound total.

Howard missed four of his five shots from the field in this one (26 minutes), one fewer misfire than his previous two games (60 minutes) combined.