Stitched-up Kinsler feeling fine following collision

ARLINGTON, Texas – Ian Kinsler returned to Rangers Ballpark with a reminder from Tuesday night’s game against Oakland.

Kinsler still had the bandage covering the three stitches he received during the game after his collision at the plate with Oakland catcher John Jaso.

Kinsler, who batted leadoff for the Rangers Wednesday, said he felt fine and wasn’t sore.

Kinsler collided with Jaso in the third inning and had to leave the field to get stitches from team doctor Keith Meister. Kinsler received three stitches and returned action after delay. He said he was a little light headed on the field but that was because he had been lying down to get the stitches and then popped up quickly to get back in the game.

Kinsler said he didn’t feel any pain after the hit because his face was numb. It was still numb when he returned because he got three shots in his face before getting the stitches.

Kinsler hasn’t seen a replay of the hit and he didn’t see teammate Jurickson Profar’s reaction to the cut when he left the field.

“I don’t know what his look was but if he was scared of that, he hasn’t seen a lot in his life,” Kinsler said. “It was a little cut. It was just deep. It wasn’t like my face was hanging off. It was just a cut that needed some stitches.”