Steve Gleason Live Tweeting Saints Game

When the Saints take on the Eagles in Philadelphia in Saturday’s Wildcard battle, many fans of the Black and Gold will be keeping up with the game both on TV and on Twitter.
Former Saints safety and current ALS advocate Steve Gleason will be live-tweeting the game from New Orleans, offering observations as well as analysis of the x’s and o’s.
Gleason, an ALS patient himself, can no longer type with his fingers. He’ll be using special technology that allows him to work a keyboard with his eyes.
"I’m live tweeting to raise awareness for ALS and because it’s a great way to showcase the power of the technology I use," Gleason said. "Also it’s a fun way to interact with the people watching the game.
Gleason and his wife Michel started a foundation called "Team Gleason" to raise awareness about ALS and prove that technology can allow those who are battling to ALS to still live a meaningful life with purpose. Team Gleason’s slogan is "No White Flags."
You can follow Gleason’s live tweets here: @TeamGleason.
Gleason demonstrates the technology in this vine: