Steve Francis wears his own jersey to Bulls-Wizards game

Steve Francis really loves his jersey.


Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

Former NBA All-Star Steve Francis decided to take in the Bulls-Wizards Game 4 Sunday afternoon.

And while a former player attending a game is not really noteworthy, the outfit he decided to wear for the occasion is worth a double take.

Francis decided to rock his own jersey to the game. The Franchise has played for the Rockets, Magic, Knicks and the Beijing Ducks (not the Bulls or the Wizards), so it’s not like he’s there supporting either team.

So, we’ve gotta ask: Why? Was he trying to make sure he would be recognized? Was it laundry day? Maybe he was rooting for his former team, the Rockets, who played later Sunday night.

We guess there have been crazy outfits being worn recently. We are in the NBA playoffs after all.

(H/T Bleacher Report)