Staubach: Blaming Romo for Cowboys’ loss ‘makes no sense’

Tony Romo continues to get criticized for his late-game failures.

Hall of Famer Roger Staubach isn’t one of those pointing the finger at the Cowboys quarterback.

Romo threw for a franchise-record 506 yards and five touchdowns against the Denver Broncos on Sunday, but none of seems to matter after he was picked off in the final minutes of the Cowboys’ 51-48 loss.

Staubach is confused why people are overlooking Romo’s astonishing performance before the interception.

“He played one of the most sensational games I’ve ever seen,” Staubach said, according to the Dallas Morning News. “It makes no sense. Those people who blame him, I don’t know, they ought to take a look at their lives.”

Staubach set the standard for the franchise, winning two Super Bowls with the Cowboys, but he still doesn’t understand why there is so much pressure on Romo’s shoulders.

“I’ve been a quarterback and I know this guy is playing great football,” he said. “Seeing critics blame these tough losses, especially this game, on him sends a message to me that some people will never cut him a break. I can’t believe it.”

If there’s anyone to blame, Staubach believes it should be put on the defense for giving up 517 yards and 51 points.

“I was fortunate to have great defenses,” Staubach said. “I didn’t worry as much that if I did make a mistake that, ‘Hey, it will cost us a touchdown’ or ‘We’re going to lose this game.’ The same goes for Troy [Aikman].

“But with Tony, it sometimes seems as if on every single play he has to be the guy, be the hero. When you feel like you’ve got to be perfect on every play, it’s tough. He’s been in positions where he can’t afford that one mistake.”

Romo will have plenty of chances to redeem himself this season and get the Cowboys back in the playoffs.

Staubach certainly thinks so.

“Tony Romo is the reason I have that hope.”