Rally Belly key to Stars evening series against Ducks

Whatever works, right?

Rally cats. Rally hats. Rally…belly?

Wednesday night, as the Stars were trailing 2-0 to the Ducks, the jumbotron at the American Airlines Center focused in on a boy doing a belly roll, according to the Dallas Morning News. Almost instantly as the game started back up, Dallas captain Jamie Benn scored a goal.

Not missing an opportunity, the cameras cut back to the kid with the belly roll again, and, sure enough, six minutes later, Vernon Fiddler evens the game.

Cleverly, the cameras focused back on the kid, though this time, they added "The Goonies" character Chunk on the screen and dubbed it the "rally belly."

It worked! The Stars eventually scored the game-winner. And, just for an extra cushion, the cameras focused on the kid and the Stars scored again! So to sum it up, that’s four rally bellies, and four goals.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s the video:

Whatever works, right?

The kid was later identified as Jack Milson, who already has his own Twitter account dedicated to him @starsrallybelly, courtesy of his mom.

And, to show their appreciation, the Stars organization gave Milson and his family tickets to Game 6.

Fear the Belly!

(H/T Puck Daddy)