Spurs fan creates White House petition to avoid ‘Romo curse’

Tony Romo and Jason Witten cheer as the Dallas Mavericks take on the San Antonio Spurs.

Matthew Emmons/Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Fans will do nearly anything to make sure their favorite NBA team wins a championship, and one Spurs fan turned toward the White House in an attempt to prevent the "Tony Romo curse" from wreaking havoc on San Antonio’s chances in the playoffs.

The petition filed Friday states the following, according to ProjectSpurs.com:

Tony Romo hasn’t been a good luck charm for the Dallas Cowboys. In fact he has been somewhat of a curse in Dallas and for any home sports team he watches from the stands. This is well documented. Just ask Duke, Clippers, Dallas Stars, Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks even the TNT show Dallas. Here in San Antonio we want our Spurs to win the entire enchilada. Tony Romo will only bring his curse into the AT&T Center and his mojo will make the Spurs lose. In fact we should send him into Russia. That Putin mess would be so over. Please America let’s stand together and stop the Tony Romo curse. Go Spurs go!

The petition didn’t get enough online signatures to merit an official response from the White House, but needless to say, some fans genuinely are worried Romo attending games will result in an early exit from the playoffs.

The said curse’s origins stem from Romo attending home games for the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars, with both seeing early exits from their respective playoffs. Romo also recently attended Game 6 of the Thunder-Clippers series in Los Angeles, with the home team suffering the loss, allowing Oklahoma City to advance to the Western Conference Finals.

Duke, SMU and Wisconsin basketball also make similar claims that its teams were cursed by Romo making an appearance during the season.

While the curse isn’t real, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback might want to shy away from the AT&T Center to avoid being hassled by fans who do believe in it.