Spencer on target to return for Week 2

IRVING, Texas — Cowboys defensive end Anthony Spencer practiced in pads for the first time on Wednesday and appears on target see his first playing time Sunday against the Chiefs.

“I feel good, we’ll see how I feel in the morning,” Spencer said after the workout at AT&T Stadium. “Everything I’ve been doing has been getting better every day. I haven’t had any setbacks. If everything keeps going the way it’s going to this week I should have some time out there.”

Spencer has been out of action since having arthroscopic knee surgery on July 25. He took snaps with the second-team unit on Wednesday, indicating that if he does play against the Chiefs it will probably be in spot duty and not as a starter.

Spencer said it will probably take him a couple of games until he is able to start and play a full game.

“I’m just going to play it by ear, see how many plays I had today, try to add a little bit more tomorrow and a little bit more on Friday,” Spencer said.

He practiced with a brace on the knee and said he will likely wear it for a few games.

Asked if it felt strange to wear the brace, Spencer said: “Having pads on today felt strange. That was a little different, too.”

In addition to acclimating to football conditioning, Spencer said his first practice showed that he needs to sharpen his technique, too.

“It felt good, a little rusty. I mean, my get-off and everything is just something I’ve got to work on right now,” Spencer said.

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