Sooners ready for free food following ‘Pastagate’

Oklahoma Sooners Geneo Grissom, Chuka Ndulue and Julian Wilson.

Kevin Jairaj/Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

DALLAS — "Excess pasta" was a problem last year at Oklahoma, but that won’t be an issue anymore.  

If you didn’t hear about "Pastagate" in February, the Sooners self-reported a violation of serving too much pasta at a graduation banquet in May 2013 to three student-athletes.

Former Oklahoma linemen Gabe Ikard and Austin Woods weren’t shy about admitting they were among the guilty party.

But it will be all-you-can-eat starting this fall.

The NCAA approved a rule change in April allowing Division I athletes to receive unlimited meals and snacks beginning Aug. 1, and several Sooners are looking forward to taking advantage of what Ikard couldn’t.

"With our nutritionist, our snacks are probably going to be healthy," defensive back Julian Wilson said. "But really whatever I see that I like I’ll be taking.

"I eat pasta because I got to keep my weight up, but I don’t know if I eat as much as Gabe [Ikard]."

Defensive tackle Chuka Ndulue on the other hand couldn’t care less about any free grub unless it comes from one of the nation’s most popular food chains.

"I don’t really care," he said. "I just eat Chipotle and that’s all I eat. I love Italian food, but Chipotle just has a special place for me. If I take a girl on a first date and she doesn’t like it, she’s not meant for me."

Luckily for Ndulue, "excess burritos" will never be a problem.