SMU checking on Deion Jr.’s attendance at concert

So what’s the big deal about SMU’s Deion Sanders Jr. going to the Lil Wayne concert last week in Dallas?

Apparently not much of one.

Sanders, who is a freshman at SMU, is having his attendance at the concert checked on by the school’s compliance office to make sure there was nothing wrong with him attending the event.

Sanders’ father Deion Sanders is friends with the rapper and his son Tweeted a photo of him with Lil Wayne backstage at the concert.

That prompted the school to look into it.

“We, like others, saw the photo he posted on Twitter last weekend, and our compliance office, like any school, is just looking into it to make sure nothing is amiss,” SMU senior associate athletic director Brad Sutton said. “We don’t anticipate anything being wrong, but it’s our job as a compliance office, and our job as administrators, to make sure everything is above board. This goal is to always be proactive and not reactive.”

The elder Sanders told the Valley Morning Star, a Harlingen paper, that his son was being investigated by the NCAA.

That’s not the case.

Sutton said there is no NCAA investigation, just one being conducted by the school.