Spurs form ’80s tribute band, complete with epic music video

As if the Spurs didn’t have enough on their plate at the moment.

Apparently defending the NBA title wasn’t enough, because now four of the San Antonio team members have just formed your new favorite rock band.

Introducing … Spuran Spuran.

The group is comprised of Matt "Bonner Jovi" Bonner, Aron "Head Banger" Baynes, Kawhi "I fought the claw and the claw won" Leonard, Patty "Aussie Osborne" Mills, and The Coyote.

And Red Mamba didn’t just star in the video. According to the credits, he produced, directed and edited the masterpiece as well.

Here, Bonner takes us behind the scenes at the School of Rock in San Antonio to show us how it all went down.


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