San Antonio billboard takes (another) shot at LeBron James

Sorry, LeBron. Tim's got you beat on this one, also.


Bob Donnan/Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The art of the billboard has really taken off.

Fans and companies alike are using the roadside staple to get their message heard seen.

We’ve seen Texans fans begging Houston to draft Johnny Manziel, and we’ve seen Cowboys fans jump ship to join the Browns (due to lack of Manziel).

We’ve seen college fans troll rivals when certain coaches stay instead of going, and celebrity hockey fans get revenge after heartbreaking losses.

Before the NBA Finals, a San Antonio billboard took a shot at the Heat, calling the Spurs built while Miami was bought.

Now, it appears there’s yet another difference between San Antonio and Miami, specifically, their stars.

This time, we’ve learned loyalty is better than royalty.

The billboard is referencing the fact that Tim Duncan, who has played for the Spurs for the entirety of his 17-year career, opted IN to remaining in San Antonio for another year, while LeBron James, who has spent the past four seasons in Miami, has decided to opt OUT of his contract.

We never hear Duncan trash talk much. It seems as though he has a very supportive fan base to do it for him.

(H/T Bleacher Report)