Rockets’ Howard used Batman movie for inspiration

When Dwight Howard left the Lakers for the Rockets in the offseason, he left many experts and fans confused about his decision.

And now, finally, Howard has come forward explaining his decision on why he made the choice to leave Los Angeles—Alfred, Batman’s butler, gave him the inspiration on what to do in the 2012 Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises.

“I actually wrote (them) down and can tell it to you — it’s from Batman,” Howard told USA TODAY Sports. “Batman and Alfred were having a discussion, and Batman didn’t like what was going on and he felt like the best thing he could do was just hide.

“Alfred told him, ‘You have to endure it. You have to take it. People will hate you for it, but that’s the point of being a legend. You can be that outcast. You can make the choice that no one else can make, and that’s the right choice.’ “

And that choice was to try to make his own legacy in Houston instead of riding along with Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.

“I kind of took that with me in this situation in L.A.,” Howard said. “It was hard, something that most people wouldn’t have done, because they’re looking at the whole situation and people are going to think that I’m running (from the pressure), and people are going to think this or that.

“But I’m like, ‘Man, I want to be this legend, I want to be at the top. So I have to endure all that hate, all that criticism. I have to take it, and that’s what’s going to make me the person and the player I am.’ “

Howard, in many fans eyes –other than the ones in Houston– see him as the new villain in the league, much like Batman was seen as one in the trilogy for a time. So that must mean if he can help the Rockets win another championship, he will be seen as a hero.

At least that is what Howard is hoping will be the outcome during his time in Houston.