Rice’s band gets in on the Manziel-bashing fun

The Rice Owls players made sure early during Saturday’s game against Texas A&M they weren’t going to just hand the Aggies a victory despite the odds stacked up against them.

Even when current Heisman winner Johnny Manziel stepped on the field in the third quarter after serving his first-half suspension, the Owls didn’t back down. They hurled some autograph-related jabs towards the Aggie quarterback, even getting a now well-documented reaction from Manziel signing an autograph in the air towards a couple Rice defenders.

One thing the cameras missed during Texas A&M’s win over the Owls was the Rice band getting in on their own Manziel-bashing as band members donned white T-shirts with Manziel’s autograph printed on the front and even placed the quarterback’s signature on several of the drums.

Maybe next time, Johnny Football can aim an air autograph towards the stands were the band is sitting.