Rice linebacker making most of Manziel play

Maybe Johnny Manziel could learn a thing or two about self-promotion from Rice linebacker Nick Elder.

It was Elder who Manziel gave the autograph motion to during Saturday’s 52-31 Texas A&M win. And while Aggie head coach Kevin Sumlin said after the game he didn’t see the third-quarter incident, Elder is making sure everyone knows he was involved.

Elder took to Twitter via @NickElder1 to say what happened. Elder sent a tweet to ESPN saying “I was the one who johnny was talking too. He said “what’s up nick, nice hit.” True story.”

Elder, who is followed by Manziel on Twitter, also sent Manziel a post-game tweet “good game brotha! Make some more noise this year.”

The redshirt sophomore finished the game with seven tackles.  And yes, he was credited for a tackle on that third-down run for Manziel.

As for how the tackle has impacted his popularity, Elder is still trying to crack the 1,000 mark on Twitter followers. That’s about 499,000 behind Manziel.