Report: Witness says ‘Brent is not a hero’

A witness who arrived shortly after the car accident that killed Dallas Cowboys player Jerry Brown took place said she had to beg Cowboys lineman Josh Brent to pull his friend from the burning car, according to a report by The Dallas Morning News.

In a video posted on the newspaper’s website,, Stacee McWilliams said she arrived on the scene to find Brent pacing on the side of the road while Brown was calling from the overturned, burning 2007 Mercedes.

“Jerry was alive,” McWilliams told the newspaper. “He was hurt. He was calling out and his own friend walked away.”

Brown was later pronounced dead at an area hospital and Brent, 24, has been charged with intoxication manslaughter.

An Irving police spokesman said officers arrived at the scene to find Brent dragging his injured friend away from the car.

However, McWilliams said that picture doesn’t tell the whole story.

“Josh Brent is not a hero,” McWilliams said.

Brent’s attorney, George Milner, disputed McWilliams’ description of the first moments following the wreck.

“That is absolutely false,” Milner told the newspaper on Monday. “That’s not even consistent with what the police said when
they came up on the scene. What I’ve been told is that Jerry Brown was
never conscious after the accident. She’s a nut and she better be
careful with this one.”

The team attended a private memorial Tuesday for Brown, who was a linebacker on the practice squad. Brent, who was also a college teammate of Brown’s at Illinois, was expected to attend the service.

The two players were returning home from a party around 2 a.m. Saturday when Brent’s car struck a curb on Highway 114 in Irving and skidded out of control, flipping at least once.

McWilliams said she ran up to Brent to make sure he was OK and initially thought him to be the only person involved in the accident.

However, McWilliams said she heard Brown screaming from inside the vehicle and pleaded several times with Brent to get his friend out of the car.

“[Brent] looked at me … and he said, ‘He won’t get out of the car.’ And I told him, ‘You can’t stand here and watch him die. You’ve got to get him out.'”

McWilliams said she finally ran to her car to get her phone. She returned to find Brown lying in the middle of the road, alone but alive and moving.

“He [Brent] didn’t tell him, ‘Hang in there, help is on the way,’ nothing,” McWilliams said. “He just left him there, and I want the magnitude of that to be understood.”

McWilliams said she thinks Brent was in a state of shock, but said it does not excuse his initial inaction to the scene.

“He may have been in shock, but he was very coherent at the time,” McWilliams said.

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