Report: Spurs coach victim of crime spree

A crime spree in San Antonio has hit a little too close to home for Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich.

An upscale neighborhood in San Antonio, known as The Dominion, has been the victim to 11 burglaries and four thefts in January, including Popovich’s home, reports the San Antonio Express News.

The newspaper reports that Popovich had his Air Force Academy class ring stolen from his residence.

“We’ve sent out periodic updates on burglaries themselves and (have been) advising residents on how to better protect themselves and secure their property,” Rob McDaniel, the homeowner association’s general manager, told the Express-News.

The report states that Popovich’s home was hit during the Spurs annual “rodeo road trip” in February, where the Spurs travel on the road for more than two weeks straight while the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo takes over the AT&T Center.

A police report indicated that the intruder entered Popovich’s home through a glass door that they broke.  A diamond bracelet was stolen along with the glass ring.

Popovich declined to comment when asked by the newspaper.