Report: Peterson wants to play for Cowboys, Vikings not dealing

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has made it known he would like to play for the Dallas Cowboys someday. If he has his way, that day may come sooner than later.

According to a report from Bleacher Report, Peterson has made it clear to the Vikings that he would like to play for the Cowboys, however Minnesota general manager Rick Spielman will not entertain the idea of trading the running back to any team, "especially not to the Cowboys," per the report.

Peterson, who is in the middle of a seven-year contract signed in 2011, isn’t scheduled to become a free agent until 2018 under his current deal, but told ESPN on Thursday he is "still uneasy" about returning to Minnesota. 

"For the fans, I would definitely love to come back (to Minnesota), but then again, it’s a business, when it comes down to business, you can’t get caught up in the loyalty to fans or to a team or anything like that," Peterson said, according to ESPN, "You know how it is in the NFL. I learned a lot through this process. I’m still uneasy, to be honest with you. I’m still uneasy about a lot of things that took place within the organization. Of course those guys ultimately supported me, and I’m grateful for that. But ultimately, with me being able to be on the inside and see how cards were dealt, how things were worded, this, that and the other, it’s about protecting your brand, your organization, what you have built. In the (grand) scheme of things, not one person counts over that. I get that."

Peterson said he felt like he was hung out to dry by the Vikings during the legal proceedings, calling the team’s decision to work with the NFL to put him on the commissioner’s exempt list last September an "ambush."

"It shows you can have all the loyalty toward someone and toward an organization, a fanbase, but when things really shift and it’s you or the empire, they’re gonna put you out on a leash," Peterson said.

Being under contract for the 2015 season, the Vikings do have the high ground on whether or not they will move the star running back. Peterson does have some leverage as he could hold out at the start of training camp and the beginning of the season, forcing Minnesota to possibly make a move. While other teams may be interested, the Cowboys are thought to be a favorite destination spot for Peterson, especially if free agent DeMarco Murray does not re-sign in Dallas. 

Peterson is scheduled to be reinstated by the NFL on April 15 unless a judge rules in favor of his immediate reinstatement to the league after he and representatives of the NFL Players Association attended a hearing in federal court on Feb. 6 in Minneapolis. 

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