Report: Mavs likely will trade No. 13 overall draft pick

It’s a virtual certainty the Dallas Mavericks will trade their first-round pick in next Thursday’s draft, according to the Dallas Morning News.

The Mavs have the 13th pick in the June 27 draft, and according to a source to the Morning News, the trade will likely happen during the draft.

Dallas seems interested in landing a free agent — possibly center Dwight Howard — so the Mavs are trying to make sure they have enough room under the salary cap to go after a big name.

The Morning News suggested the Mavs could also deal veterans Shawn Marion and/or Vince Carter to free up more space if, in fact, Dallas has to spend money on that No. 13 pick.

A source told the Morning News there is a 0 percent chance of the No. 13 pick being on the Mavs’ opening-day roster next season.