Report: Harbaugh happy to see Reed leave

There was no citation, and it’s a little unclear whether this was being reported as fact or whether this was merely an opinion, but in any case the Baltimore Sun’s Mike Preston wrote on Monday that Ravens coach John Harbaugh was happy to see safety Ed Reed leave for Houston.  

“It was interesting to see how the national media made it seem like the Ravens were in a bidding war with Houston for former safety Ed Reed,” Preston wrote. “The Ravens made it appear that way out of respect for Reed, and it certainly put more money in Reed’s pocket. But Ravens coach John Harbaugh wanted Reed back as much as he wants a root canal.”

Preston didn’t cite a source for that information, but there is reason to believe Reed and Harbaugh were on the outs with each other. According to Yahoo! Sports, Reed and fellow safety Bernard Pollard (who also was released this offseason) were against Harbaugh’s practices and general treatment of players. Pollard, according to, doesn’t think the mutiny was a factor in his own release, because he doesn’t think he was involved in a mutiny.

“He asked us our opinion on things that were going good and things that wasn’t going good and things that we needed to change,” Pollard told

Harbaugh said Pollard’s release was purely a salary cap move, and praised Reed on his way out the door.

“He is a great player and a great friend,” Harbaugh said. “We will always be thankful for what we accomplished together.”