Report: Frustrated Asik asked Rockets for trade

Omer Asik wants out of Houston, and the Rockets might grant him his wish soon.

Since the franchise acquired Dwight Howard in July, Asik’s role as the Rockets’ center has diminished.

Asik requested to be traded last week, according to the Houston Chronicle citing a source close to the situation.

The 7-footer started in all 82 games last season, averaging 10.1 points and 11.7 rebounds per game.

But Asik’s playing time and numbers have dropped this season and his frustration has continued to grow since Howard’s arrival. He didn’t play in the Rockets’ last two games against the Knicks and Nuggets.

“I understand where he is coming from — his frustration, sharing the floor,” Howard told reporters on Saturday. “I understand it’s tough for him. The only thing I can do is be his friend off the floor and help him anyway I can. I understand it’s a tough situation for him, but we are all family and we have to learn to fight through frustrations.”

Rockets forward Chandler Parsons also understands Asik’s frustrations, but says he still needs to do what’s best for the team.

“He had a great year last year and to bring in someone over him has to be a little frustrating,” Parsons said. “It is part of the business and you have to be a professional about it and come to work every day. He is on the Rockets so he has to act like that and come to play and come to win.”

But it doesn’t seem like Asik is willing to stay and work things out in Houston.