Report: Coach blasted Howard during All-Star game

Stephen A. Smith didn’t name any sources, but since the topic is “Dwight Howard doing something wrong,” his report is unlikely to be questioned much.

Smith said on ESPN’s Mike and Mike show that Spurs coach Gregg Popovich blasted Howard during the All-Star game for not paying attention when he was drawing up plays for the Lakers center during a timeout, which plays into popular narratives about both Popovich and Howard.

“Gregg Popovich almost went ballistic, and was basically cussing at him,” Smith said.

There is no compelling reason to doubt Smith, who is well-connected in NBA circles and, as noted, it is a believable story considering the characters involved.

There have been many reports this season that Howard’s lack of seriousness has put a strain on his relationship with Kobe Bryant.

And if you think Kobe gets irritated when someone is not taking a game serious, well you don’t even want to know how crazy that drives Popovich.

It seems wherever Howard goes, drama is not far behind … even at the All-Star game.