Redskins veteran Smoot: Nobody likes Emmitt Smith

Cowboys vs. Redskins.

There is definitely bad blood between the division foes. Though the rivalry may have hit its peak during “The Triplets” years, some still hold on to the tension.

Take, for instance, former defensive back Fred Smoot. He has never really had nice things to say about America’s Team. In 2008, he told the Washington Post, “We hate Dallas. It’s just been like that, and it’s always gonna be like that.”

Well, almost five years later, Smoot was up to his old antics. When taking questions on his podcast “21 Questions with Fred Smoot,” the veteran had an interesting take on the NFL’s all-time leading rusher.

“Nobody that meets Emmitt Smith likes Emmitt Smith,” Smoot said. “Have you ever heard anybody say, hey man, I met that Emmitt Smith and I really love him? Nobody likes Emmitt Smith. I don’t know if he’s just a jerk because he’s a Cowboy. I don’t know. He be rubbing people the wrong way.”

Mind you, Smoot wasn’t even playing in the NFL when Dallas won their last Super Bowl ring, but old habits, apparently, die hard.

Smoot eventually took to Twitter Friday to clarify(ish) his statment.

Though, one question does arise: If everybody hates Emmitt Smith, how did he win season three of Dancing with the Stars?

He must be doing something right, right?