Rangers not focusing on new deal for Darvish

Texas Rangers starting pitcher Yu Darvish

Jim Cowsert/Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

ARLINGTON, Texas – With every week that passes Yu Darvish looks more and more like the best pitching bargain in baseball.

Los Angeles ace Clayton Kershaw can make up to $215 million over the next seven years with the Los Angeles Dodgers thanks to his new deal. Masahiro Tanaka, who hasn’t pitched in the majors, made Darvish’s contract look diminutive with his seven year, $155-million deal with the New York Yankees.

Despite those deals, the Rangers don’t feel an immediate need to make any changes to Darvish’s original six year, $60-million deal.

"At some we’ll sit point we’ll sit down and talk just like we do it on everybody," Texas general manager Jon Daniels said. "He’s still got four years on his deal. I don’t see a rush necessarily. We’ll address is at the right time. Right now we’ll just focus on getting him into camp."

The Rangers owe Darvish $41 million over the next four seasons but that deal could be up after three years if Darvish meets performance incentives tied to the Cy Young voting.

Daniels hasn’t talked to Darvish about a new deal but he knows his ace is aware of the money being handed out to other top pitchers.

"When you’re at the top of your profession in any area you’re always aware of what the other guys in a similar category get," Daniels said. "It’s human nature for sure."

As for Tanaka, Daniels said the club had interest in the right-hander but not as much as some were speculating. He also wasn’t surprised by the huge contract Tanaka landed.

"We thought the total investment ($175 million with posting fee) would be above (Shin-Soo) Choo," he said.

The Rangers big free agent splash this offseason was giving Choo $130 million over seven years.