Rangers GM: Profar not untouchable

If the reports of the Texas Rangers’ trade negotiations are true, any time another team mentions mega-prospect Jurickson Profar, it’s been a dealbreaker.

However, Rangers GM Jon Daniels said recently that dealing Profar is not a completely off-limits idea.

In an interview on KRLD-FM The Fan, Daniels said the Rangers would consider trading Profar, but it would have to be one doozy of an offer.

“I don’t know if anybody is untouchable, but we’re certainly not looking to move him,” Daniels told the Elf and Slater show. “Again, no one is necessarily untouchable. I think it’s our job to consider everything and every way to get better, but it would take something pretty unique for us to consider moving him.”

Profar, a middle infielder, is widely considered the one of the top prospects in baseball. But there’s currently no starting spot for him on the Rangers with veterans Elvis Andrus at shortstop and Ian Kinsler at second base.

Because of the established players ahead of him, Profar might even start the season in the minor leagues. Eventually, someone will have to move on for Profar to have a chance to blossom in the majors, but the Rangers aren’t going to give away one of their most valuable assets.

“The way we’re structured, we don’t have an everyday role for him,” Daniels said. “Barring an injury or a trade, which is something we’re not considering right now…He’s going to make the club in kind of a hybrid role where it’s something we carve out where he gets more playing time than a traditional bench guy would.”

For now, Daniels and the Rangers would rather carve out a role for Profar than carve out a deal for him — unless it’s one that knocks them over.

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