Rangers coach misses game for QB son’s Longhorns debut

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — Texas Rangers bench coach Steve Buechele missed the team’s series finale against Houston on Sunday for the football opener at the University of Texas, where his son Shane is a true freshman quarterback expected to play against Notre Dame.

Steve Buechele was at the Rangers’ ballpark before the game, but then left for a short flight to make kickoff that night in Austin, Texas.

"Yeah, I’d say there is some anxiousness for sure," Buechele said. "I know it’s going to be wild, I don’t know really what to expect. This is new for us. It’s going to be pretty exciting and a pretty proud moment for mom and dad."

Rangers manager Jeff Banister wanted to make sure that his bench coach had a chance to be there with the rest of his family for his son’s first college game.

Banister said he woke up Sunday a Texas fan. That was a day after No. 15th-ranked Houston, where he played baseball, beat No. 3 Oklahoma.

"It’s important for him and his family and his son for him to be there," Banister said. "It’s important for us, too. I’ll share in the excitement also. I guarantee you every coach in that room will be a UT fan tonight, every one of them. They’ll all be Texas fans tonight."